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The right story
Onderstaand bericht heb ik gedeeld met online – en dus ook internationale – vrienden via Facebook, vandaar in het Engels.┬á

“Okay, here we go…
Time to move.
43 weeks ago I shared a song, called ‘Stay‘ from Heather Nova, what ment that I wanted to stay on Ibiza.
Now, during a practical visit to my roots in Holland, I felt this is where I want to stay, now.
Beginning of October 2014.
After a year with a lot of experiences, living in a new country, living on an island (and not just an ordinary one….), the start up of my company, freelancing & flex working (and living ;-)) in between Holland & Ibiza, being away from my family & close friends…
I go and live in Holland again.
I’m very grateful for ALL the experiences, like living a hippy lifestyle, surviving the Ibiza winter in a tent (yurt!) for 4 months, selling loads of stuff in Holland – from bike to iPad, from guitar to furniture – to create some money for living and paying my bills.
Also for living in a world with warm feelings and weather. The island that I experienced in 2006 for the first time, with my mum. So very happy to be in the environment where I had time and ‘space’ to think of the mother I lost and do that in my own way. It helped.
Making new friends on a place, where I knew nobody when I arrived in september 2013. Celebrated my birthday with my former dog Baco in 2013 & afterwards made loads of island friends. The island where I celebrated Xmas, New Year and also the last day of Baco’s life. He’s by the beautiful Es Vedra now, bless him.
Yes, I thought Ibiza was ‘it’ for me. And it was. For that period of time.
And now it’s time to move on. “Practice what you preach”, and while I’m suggesting to live a life which stories are worth sharing, I want to make sure mine is it as well…
Flexworking and -living is what I keep doing.
But from now on, the head centre will be: Holland!
And for a HollandExperience.com feel free to contact me ­čśë
Het bericht leverde hartverwarmende reacties op.
Met bovenstaande┬ábeslissing & bericht heb ik mensen ge├»nspireerd meer hun gevoel te volgen en te durven kiezen voor verandering, wanneer iets – wat eerder goed voelde – niet meer klopt.┬á

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