I dare to ask. Do you?

Dare to ask.
Hello! Do you have a good morning? (I dare to ask, do you?)

For the English and/or new readers of my ‘lyrics’: welcome :)!
After writing in Dutch for years, I dare to write my feelings down in English now.
A litte (re)introduction of myself, just in case if…
I’m Wendy. From Holland. With a passion for life, living, giving.
With a love for writing, affecting, sharing.
I do this by communication & connecting. I dared to open my heart. To be vulnerable. Authentic. To ‘be’. To be me.
By you reading this, you make a change. It makes ME into WE.
This morning I was so touched by this video on TED.com I want to share with you.

I also communicate and connect about work, art, fears, mistakes.
Like I’m falling into the audience. True. It feels naked. True.
Like I’m stripped and people can draw on me.
“I trust you this much. Should I? Show me.”
It’s not easy.
Next to writing and opening your heart, just like Amanda, asking makes me vulnerable.
Agree! Nobody said it was easy (that’s the sentence I sang out loud a lot to myself the past months over and over again).
Whatever it is you ask for, find a exchange that feels very fair for you.
This is the lesson I’m learning myself at this moment. Because I’m living a different life(style). Starting by own business. In exchange. So I’m learning. To dare to ask. In exchange for me being valuable to exchange. Meaningful.
Risk or trust?
That I dared to, makes me living my dream at this moment.
I’m on Ibiza. I’m writing. I’m a living adventure.
I’ve lived this winter in a yurt (in exchange) and now I’m sitting, living, writing, bathing in a villa (in exchange).
Don’t know where I will live from 30th of March. A risk or trust?
Hat to help

Hat for Help
(please be sure you see the video above, because then this blog makes sense).
Going out with a (symbolic) hat to get yourself some money (instead of the fear of feeling ‘is this fair?’)?
Get a job!
Like Amanda, I felt that too sometimes. Like people were screaming to me to last months ‘Get a (real) job (again)!’.
But I was healing myself and preparing myself – doing work in exchange in the meantime – for the ‘now’, the near future.
Let me tell you, I recommend this power of asking.
Ask the universe. Ask people around you. Make a exchange.
See asking – exchange – and sharing as one energy.
And when you ask or offer keep in mind:
“I trust you this much to ***share*** this with you.
Should I?
Show me.”
Connecters & Openers, welcome :)!
Let’s ask – exchange – share without shame.
Dare to
Dit was een van de experimenten in het Engels te bloggen. Lees recentere artikelen over de verdere zoektocht hierin.

Gepubliceerd op 21 maart 2014

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